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The Clinical Neuroanatomy Seminars (@CNSeminars) started as a small lecture series at King's College London (UK) in the early 2000s.

Since 2016, we have made all content publicly available on YouTube ( 

to improve equitable access to education across the globe.

Since then, we have grown into an

international > 3k-strong community of brain enthusiasts. 

The YouTube channel won the 2022 Educational Award from the International Organization of Human Brain Mapping

OHBM Award 2022




until August 22nd

Working on Bean Bag Chairs

Journal Club

Monday mornings at 9:30 am CET (Amsterdam time)


We are meeting **online** to discuss exciting science. 

Everyone is welcome to present and join the discussion.

The weekly rota with paper preview can be found here.

Find an overview of previous journal clubs

Join us live on Zoom; here is the link.

Meeting ID: 895 8114 6322

Passcode: CNS


'Each one – teach one'

Marian Diamond

(1926 - 2017)

Find plenty of tutorials on the YouTube channel dedicated to:






Find an overview here, or go straight to the channel

Computer Programming
Kathleen Seidel
Kathleen Seidel

Kathleen Seidel on intraoperative neurophysiology during brain tumour surgery. 

Kathleen Seidel established the Department of Intraoperative Neurophysiology in the Department of Neurosurgery and the Department of Orthopaedics at Inselspital Bern in 2009 and has headed it ever since.


Watch online:




Every last Wednesday of the month at 4 pm CET (Amsterdam time)


We welcome an international guest speaker for an expert CNStalk on their research topic.


All previously recorded talks since 2010 are available on our channel: 

Join us live on Zoom; here is the link.

Meeting ID: 895 8114 6322

Passcode: CNS


We make our teaching available to improve equitable access to education across the globe.

For this endeavour, we have started the NGO Neuroscience Alliance to improve equitable access to the research, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of neurological disorders across the globe.

We also share our educational lectures (across the levels) on our YouTube channel.

#openscience #accesstoeducation

EMCL 2023
EMCL 2023



We run regular international workshops, many of which we can make available on the channel. Our workshops cover the following topics:

Brain Anatomy

Klingler Post mortem Dissections

Advanced Neuroimaging Methods

Lesion Mapping methods


Diffusion-weighted Imaging preprocessing

CNSeminars - The Podcast

Commuting on a Monday morning? Not to worry, take CNSeminars with you wherever you go.

Soon on Spotify: 

Woman on Podium
All Hands In



Going Down Memory Lane


We hosted >65 talks between 2010 and 2016. 

Find all posters and talks from this time on the

Legacy CNStalks page here.

The talks are also available on our YouTube Channel in our annual CNStalks playlists - enjoy!

Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 20.45.07.png
Woman on Podium



There is much work in the background, and over the years, many people contributed.



Lilit Dulyan, NL

Eva Guzmán Chacón, NL

Sabrina Berber, NL/Italy

Anna Matsulevits, France

Valentina Pacella, Italy

Lia Talozzi, USA

Lauren Thiebaut, France

Ahmad Beyh, US/UK

Michel Thiebaut de Schotten, France

Marcela Ovando-Tallez, France

Hervé Lemaitre, France

Chris Foloun, France

Ann-Kathrin Ohlerth, NL

Edoardo Gornetti, NL


Former Members:

Victor Nozais, France

Laura Vavassori, Italy

Patrick Friedrich, DE

Henrietta Howells, UK

Stefano Sandrone, UK

Marco Catani, UK

Naianna Robertsson, UK

Sanja Budisavljevic, UK

Fergus Kane, UK

And, of course, all of our speakers!

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