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Academic Citizenship: Experience

As an academic and research leader, I understand our crucial role in building successful educational institutions. With a blend of strategic thinking, communication skills, and the ability to inspire and motivate my teams, I am responsible for shaping the academic and research vision of the Language & Communication Theme at the Donders and the broader institution.

A commitment to continuous improvement and innovation is at the heart of my leadership philosophy. I cultivate a culture of research excellence by fostering collaboration, promoting scholarly productivity, and supporting the translation of research into practice (e.g. NGO NEURAL). I prioritise a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of my students, faculty, and stakeholders. I navigate complex organisational structures and cultivate partnerships supporting my institution's mission and goals.

International Organizations

Since 2022          Co-founder of the NGO Neuroscience Alliance

Since 2022          OHBM Programme Chair

Since 2016          YouTube Content Creator for @CNSeminars and @OHBM

2018                    Founder of the London Postdoc Network

2009                    Founder and Chair of Clinical Neuroanatomy Seminars  

Research Leadership

Since 2023          Research Platform at the Donders Institute 

Since 2022          Editor of a Special Issue on 'Language systems' for BSAF

Since 2022          Leader of the Language and Communication theme (18 PIs)

Since 2022          Principal Investigator at the  Donders Institute 

Since 2022          Research Group leader at Donders Institute

2020                    Early Career Researcher of the Year

2019                    Early Career Researcher of the Year 

Board membership

Since 2023          Programme Committee Member International Max Planck Research School

Since 2022          Donders Diversity and Sustainable Science Committee

Since 2022          Donders Sessions and Lectures Committee

2022 - 2023         Scientific Board member of the Donders Institute 

Since 2021          ComCom Leadership team, Organization of Human Brain Mapping (OHBM)

Since 2021          Programme committee, Organization of Human Brain Mapping (OHBM)

2016 - 2019         Institutional Management Board (IBM), King's College London

2016 - 2019         Board Member Wellcome Trust CME Centre Public Engagement Committee

2016 - 2019         Board Member Research and Innovation Committee

2016 - 2019         Board Member Early Career Research Award

2016 - 2019         Chair Postdoc Research and Innovation Committee

Editorial Leadership
Since 2019          Book section editor for the Encyclopedia of Human Neuroanatomy (Elsevier) 

Since 2019          Associate Editor for Brain, Structure and Function (Springer/Nature) 

Since 2019          Social Media Editor for the journal Cortex (Elsevier) 

Since 2017          Associate Editor for CORTEX (Elsevier) 

Leadership Awards

2018                     King's Award for most outstanding contribution to the research community

2016 - 2019         Postdoc Champion, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience


Leadership training

2017 - 2018          GSO* Leadership Academy

2018                      UCL Leadership in Action 

2018                      Hutchinson Training & Development, Leadership 1-4     

2016                      Springboard Work & Personal development programme for women

Teaching Innovation

2022                    OHBM Education in Neuroimaging Award

Since 2021          Online Master module leader EMN Neuroimaging

Since 2021          YouTube content manager for Organization of Human Brain Mapping (OHBM)

2020                    Initiative d'excellence University Bordeaux - LMU Munich Innovation Grant (€10k)

2010                    Teaching Innovation Grant (£10k)

2009 - 2016         MSc Neuroscience Module co-leader at King’s College London

2009 - 2016         Erasmus Coordination for LMU-KCL exchange


2017                        Phineas Gage replica       



3D printed replica of the original skull of Phineas Gage.

The skull was first exhibited at the annual meeting of the Organization of Human Brain Mapping in Vancouver in 2017.

Design accessible via EUIPO Registered Community Design no.003823012-0001

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