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Brain Anatomy Workshop
Theories - Methods - Applications

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In 2020, I was awarded an Excellence Initiative grant to establish a research collaboration between the University of Bordeaux (UBX) and the Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich  (LMU).

Due to the pandemic, we developed an online Brain Anatomy Course rather than meeting in person. The benefit of this endeavour is that we can reach far beyond geographical borders (see figure above) and offer some of the lectures online.

Both teams have over 15 years of experience running neuroanatomy and neuroimaging workshops, but this is the first time we pooled our expertise.

This 2-day workshop covers the surface and subcortical anatomy, the neurobiology of common brain pathologies, connectional anatomy, and disconnection syndromes. Each topic is discussed with respect to theories, methods, and clinical applications. 

Medical professionals, neuroscientists, and students attended our 2021, and we are elated to see a strong increase in attendance beyond Europe (see figure above).


Some of these talks will be available for OnDemand viewing on my YouTube channel:

2021 programme:

Day 1: Grey matter anatomy and pathologies (5h - LIVE EVENTS ONLY)

2-3:30 PM

Welcome – Jens Waschke

Neuroanatomy and neuropathology in Munich – Adrian Danek

General Topography and Pathologies – Tobias Högen

Imaging anatomy of the frontal and temporal lobes – Jennifer Linn

3:45 –  4:55 PM

Anatomical correlates of verticality perception – Julian Conrad

Applied multimodal neuroanatomy in epilepsy surgery – Christian Vollmar

Interactive session with video discussion of a series of frontal sections – Adrian Danek

5:10 – 7 PM 

Basal ganglia: Parkinsonism and hyperkinesia – Johannes Levin

MR imaging markers for clinico-anatomical correlation in neurocognitive disorders –  Marco Dühring

Neuroanatomy of sleep – Jan Remi

Farewell and Q&A – Adrian Danek


Day 2: Connectional anatomy and disconnection syndromes (5h)

2:00 – 3:15 PM

Welcome – Stephanie Forkel 

Theory: Brain Models – Michel Thiebaut de Schotten 

Methods to study connectional anatomy – Stephanie Forkel - 

3:30 - 5:45 PM

Hands-on I: In vivo virtual dissections with tractography – Michel Thiebaut de Schotten 

Application: Using tractography in the clinic – Stephanie Forkel 

Hands-on II: In vivo virtual dissections with tractography – Stephanie Forkel 

6:00 -7 PM

Methods: The do's and don’t's of tractography – Stephanie Forkel 

Methods: Klingler-based tractography – Laurent Petit 

Farewell and Q&A – Stephanie Forkel

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