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New Neuroimaging module for the EMN-Online Master

We are excited to be teaching a new neuroimaging module this year for the Euro-Mediterranean Master of Neuroscience (EMN-Online)

EMN-Online is a 2 year Master programme in Neurosciences and Biotechnology, delivered entirely online.

The programme boasts an international curriculum, with identical courses and evaluation offered by each of the 14 partners from Europe and the South Mediterranean area.

Our Neuroimaging module covers

  • Methods (structural imaging, functional imaging, tractography, gradients, EEG)

  • Applications (clinical and cognitive neuroimaging)

  • Brain models

  • Comparative Neuroimaging

  • Neurovariability

  • Novel developments in imaging

  • Tutorials (TrackVis, python, Functionnectome etc)

Additional information:

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