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Preprint: Asymmetries in language-relevant brain tumors

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Brain tumors, which are classified as rare diseases, primarily include glioblastoma, with an annual occurrence of 300,000 cases. Unfortunately, this condition leads to the loss of 241,000 lives each year, highlighting its devastating nature. However, recent advancements in diagnosis and treatment have significantly improved the management and care of brain tumors. In this chapter, we will first provide an overview of the common types of primary brain tumors (gliomas and meningiomas).

In this chapter, we delve into techniques for identifying and mapping tumors that impact language processing, utilizing both non-invasive and invasive methods. Lastly, we will discuss the effects of surgery on language and cognitive functions. The focus of this chapter is on tumors affecting language processing in the brain and the application of diffusion-weighted tractography to map the white matter language system.

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Asymmetries in language-relevant brain tumors. Satoer D, Dulyan L, Forkel SJ., In Handbook of Clinical Neurology -Cerebral Asymmetries (Eds Corballis & Papagno), forthcoming

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