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Elizabeth Warrington Prize

This award would not have been achievable without the exceptional collaborations, support, and friendships I have been fortunate to experience along the way. THANK YOU!

I am deeply grateful for the wonderful opportunity I had in London Queen Square, which included the honour of meeting Elizabeth Warrington after my lecture. It was truly a humbling experience. My heartfelt thanks go to the British Neuropsychological Society for selecting me and to Richard Binney for his kind nomination.

'The prize for outstanding early-career researchers is named in honour of Elizabeth Warrington. Elizabeth has played a key role in the British development of Cognitive Neuropsychology. Her work is a foundation for understanding normal brain function, as well as for innovating clinical methods in the development of numerous tests that can be used in the diagnosis of brain injuries, and for use in rehabilitation. '

The British Neuropsychological Society (BNS) awarded the prize for the 21st time. Read more here:

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