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European Master's in Clinical Linguistics is part of the prestigious international Erasmus Mundus programme in Clinical Linguistics, EMCL++. EMCL++ is an integrated Master's programme offered jointly by a consortium of the Universities of Groningen (NL), Ghent (B) and Eastern Finland (FI) and 26 associated partners from the academic, R&D, and clinical sector, finishing with a joint Msc degree from the three institutions. More here:  

On this interactive page, you will find background material on the topics we cover in class. Updates during the week are likely, so please do check back in.

Hands-on anatomy courses:


Slide deck:


Please read this paper for discussion tomorrow:

Anatomical predictors of aphasia recovery: a tractography study of bilateral perisylvian language networks.

Forkel SJ, Thiebaut de Schotten M, Dell'Acqua F, Kalra L, Murphy DG, Williams SR & Catani M. Brain 137(Pt7):2027-39, 2014. 


Further Reading Material:

Atlas Human Brain Connections


Dissecting White Matter Pathways: A neuroanatomical approach. Forkel SJ, Bortolami C, Dulyan L, Barrett RLC, Beyh A. In Handbook of Diffusion MRI Tractography (Eds Leemans/ Dell'Acqua), preprint: 10.31234/ 

The emergent properties of the connected brain. Thiebaut de Schotten M & Forkel SJ., Science (2022) 

White matter variability, cognition, and disorders: a systematic review.

Forkel SJ, Friedrich P, Thiebaut de Schotten M & Howells H. Brain Structure and Function, in press.
doi: 10.1007/s00429-021-02382-w


Practical on Thursday

The data and software are available here under 'Follow a Workshop'. Please download the folder ahead of time before class on Thursday. 

You can find plenty of tutorials on our YouTube for self-study: 

Association pathways: 

Arcuate and SLFs: 

Commisural connections: 

ChatGPT's answer to which brain model best describes language in the brain:

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All Videos

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