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Hands-on on Microneurosurgery and White Matter Anatomy

The Zurich School

The course has a long tradition, which goes back to 2008 when it was established in its actual form as one of the first courses on this topic in Europe. The link between white matter microdissection and Zürich is however way older.

It dates back to the late forties when Professor Yaşargil, the founder of modern neurosurgery but to that time still a young assistant of Prof Hugo Krayenbühl, used to attend the anatomical Lab of Prof. Ludwig in Basel. There he regularly met with Mr Klingler, from whom he could learn the finest details of the three dimensional architecture of the white matter.

The deep understanding of the relation between pathologic lesions and white matter tracts, combined with development of microneurosurgery and the refinement of cisternal navigation as a mean of atraumatic exploration of the brain made of Prof. Yaşargil a legend of neurosurgery and of Zurich a unique place for neurosurgery.

Since those early times, thousands of neurosurgeons have visited Zurich from all over the world to learn high end neurosurgical techniques. Be part of it and visit us at the Zürich White Matter Microdissection Course.

Welcome to Zurich, where everything began…!

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