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InScience Festival 2024

Updated: Apr 7

INSCIENCE 12 - 17 MARCH 2024

Photographer Lisa Holweg & InScience 

The 'Language Festival' edition of InScience saw many Dondorians from the Language & Communication Theme present and discuss:

@ProfSimonFisher with a discussion following the film L’enfant sauvage (English)

Dilys Eikelboom and Jennifer Sander: how do children learn sign language? (Dutch)

Else Eising: Stuttering hour (Dutch)

@izabjordan: Using folktales as a source for language research (English)

Yayun Zhang: The benefits of reading to your child (English)

Stephanie Forkel: In search of language in the brain (English)

Kristin Lemhoefer in discussion with @DoubleDutch

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